Why All Children Love Play-Doh Videos

Videos capture the minds of kids in an inspiring way, showing them what can be achieved with a little imagination. Play-doh videos are no different and guide and teach children to actively be creative in their play-doh play time by participating in the activity while the video is playing.Play-doh-Princess-Disney-Cinderella

Youtube has thousands of videos that cater to the little play-doh creator and they more often than not review the latest toys, making it the perfect place for your little one to scout new girl’s play-doh play sets. That means that if your little one is thinking of getting a specific play-dough set but just isn’t sure, she can watch the video first and decide whether she wants it or not.

Of course, that’s not the only benefit of watching Youtube Play-doh videos. The ideas your little one can pick up will help her creativity bloom and see to it that she gets her creations just right, if she’s a little particular, or has a perfectionist streak in her.


The best part about many of the Youtube play-doh videos is that it’s made by children, for children. That means that your little one will feel right at home watching play-doh play time as if she was playing along with a friend. It also means that there is little threat that age-inappropriate videos will pop up while your little one is on Youtube. Don’t forget to activate the safety controls, though, or make a playlist that your child can easily browse through.

All in all, Play-doh videos can help your little one have the most fun out of her play-doh time and you can rest assured that what she is watching is adding to her learning and assisting her with future play, which, we all know is vital to a child’s development.

Love From Mamma Kangaroo Play-Doh Videos