Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise Doll Jewel Sparkles – Girls Toys

Mamma Kangaroo Disney Toys got the amazing Jewel Sparkles Doll from the Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise Doll series. The most awesome girls doll toys that magically can poop shapes and surprises. We had so much fun unboxing and playing with this interactive doll from Lalaloopsy for girls. And we are sure you will to, don’t forget to come back again tomorrow for more fun.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie Row & Ride Swan Boat Play Set – MLP Video

We got the super amazing Pinkie Pie today with her ultra cute swan row boat with MUSIC OMG can you believe how amazing this is. She is just so cute, and if you love My Little Pony as much as Mamma Kangaroo does you have to love this set so MUCH !!. Mamma Kangaroo loves unboxing all kinds of toys, but MLP has a special place in my Girls Toys Hearth for sure. SO much fun this play set.

The Water Dragon Zelfs From Zelfs Medium Oceana Toys Unboxing

Today we got the super cute Zelfs from the Medium Oceana, (this means its a water Zelf). And this is the Water Dragon Zelf. This is one of our favourite Zelfs, from Moose Toys the colour is just stunning. And so cute hair its just a darling Zelf. And since this one loves water so much its a real water dragon Zelf.

Zelfs Medium Oceana (Water Dragon Zelf)

LEGO, Elves, Azari’s Magic Fire Lego set (30259)

Such a cute play set from the Lego Elves collection, we got the amazing Azari’s Magic Fire. Its set number 30259 and it comes in a polybag. Its a not a big set but its a lot of fun. And Azari is just so cute and magic. We Love LEGO elves.

PLAY-DOH Sweet Shoppe FROSTING FUN BAKERY Playset Unboxing

We got the most amazing Play Dough set today called the PLAY-DOH Sweet Shoppe FROSTING FUN BAKERY, come watch Mamma Kangaroo Play-Doh make the most yummy Play Doh ice creams ever to have hit the internet. Its just so sweet and yummy, the Play Dough sweet shoppe kit comes with lots of PLAY DOH of course and tons of fun toys to play and unbox from Hasbro.

Dora The Explorer Toy Trace And Learn Projector, Dora Drawing Toy Review From Smart Play

We got the amazing Dora The Explorer Trace and Learn Projector. First we Unbox it and then we show you how awesome it is. Its a projector that makes it super easy to trace anything on a plane piece of paper. No more need for colouring books, its almost magic. You can colour Dora the Explorer and all her Friends. More than 40 images to trace and colour.

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Dora and Friends Dora Loves Adventure Toy Doll by Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Unboxing and Review

Mamma Kangaroo loves Dora dora explorer, and friends Doll. Its just so awesome, you will love our review and playing with it.

Dora doll with soft hair and pose able arms and legs!
Dora is dressed and ready for adventure!
8” Dora doll featuring soft, stylable hair and pose able arms and legs!
Includes a fold & go scooter, skates and a safety helmet so Dora can explore her city, Playa Verde!
Includes 8” Dora, scooter, skates, sneakers, safety helmet, sunglasses, binoculars, backpack, cellphone, fabric skirt and a hair barrette

Dora is dressed and ready to explore her city, Playa Verde! 8” Dora is dressed in a cute printed T-shirt and matching shorts and she features soft, stylable hair and pose able arms and legs. Dora comes with lots of great accessories including her scooter, skates, sneakers, safety helmet, sunglasses, binoculars, backpack, cellphone, fabric skirt and a hair barrette.

Anna, Elsa & Barbie Shops at Anpanman Uncle Jams Bakery – Mamma Kangaroo

Come join Anna and Elsa from Frozen, as they shop together with Barbie at Anpanman’s Uncle Jams Bakery shop. Its so super cool you cannot believe what they order. Come watch Barbie shop for bread, Elsa for Coffee, and Anna for Sandwiches. So cute and awesome.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Blind Surprise Bag we get Lucky Dreams – Mamma Kangaroo

Come to a fantastical My Little Pony World with Mamma Kangaroo, we get the awesome Lucky Dream this time. Come enjoy these cute ponies with Mamma Kangaroo.

Lucky Dreams is a mint green pegasus pony with blue and pink hair. She stands about 2 inches tall and is completely made of plastic. Lucky Dreams comes with her collector’s card.

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Anpanman – Irasshaimase! Jam-Ojisan – Uncle Jam’s Bakery Toy in English / アンパンマン

Mamma Kangaroo has gotten her hands on this awesome toy from Japan. The one and only Anpanman or in Japanese アンパンマン. This is from a super popular TV show in Japan. Called Soreike! Anpanman or (それいけ!アンパンマン?, Let’s Go! Anpanman) Its one of the most popular shows of all time in Japan with more than 1000 episodes.

This cool toy review in English, is with Irasshaimase! Jam-Ojisan or in English Uncle Jam’s Bakery. The entire name translated is: Anpanman – Irasshaimase! Jam-Ojisan no Yakitate Bread Factory And its a really cool toy.

Come see Mamma Kangaroo play with it, and show you all the awesome parts there are. Its a really cool toy even if you don’t speak Japanese. Lets hope we get Anpanman in English someday, for now enjoy our toy review in English.

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