The Ugglys Pet Shop Series 1 Gross Homes, Rank Tank Exclusive Gross Goldfish

Mamma Kangaroo opens this super awesome play set from the Ugglys Pet Shop. Its just so gross and disgusting yet so much fun.

Build up a stinky stack of gross homes to create the Uggliest Pet Store in town. Each gross home comes with its own stenchy sound and exclusive pet to display. These nauseating noise-making habitats make a variety of sick sounds such as farts, burps and lots more! There are 6 horrid homes to collect – The Bone Home, Poop Coop, Doggy Dump, Mutt Hutt, Cat Shack and Rank Tank. Watch out – you may even find a surprise poop inside! They are the homes of the crudest dudes in town!

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Three Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Disney Heroes and The Ugglys Pet Shop, Blind Bags Toys

Watch Mamma and Baby Kangaroo open these three surprise presents all the way from Denmark. Inside is a Frozen egg (you cannot imagine what we get). And a Disney Hero Egg this is also crazy, it matches the Frozen egg thats all i can say. Finally we have The Ugglys Petshop, and we get the most slimy and cute in their own ways animals.