Kaj og Andrea Legetøj på Engelsk – Kaj and Andrea Toys from Denmark English / Mamma Kangaroo

Mamma Kangaroo has gotten this awesome toy from Denmark. Kaj & Andrea or Kaj og Andrea as they say in Denmark. Its a frog and and parrot, and they are part of a very famous Danish children’s show. You have to come and check out this awesome toy.

Kaj And Andrea or Kaj og Andrea på Engelsk in English

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The Three Little Pigs Animal Finger Puppet Show Toys – Mamma Kangaroo

Mamma and Baby Kangaroo performs the awesome story about The Three Little Pigs, and the big bad wolf. Come join this awesome story.

Baby toy hand finger puppet story-telling props.
You can wear them on your fingers and move for kid’s fairy tale.
Keeps the puppets on your fingers firmly and you never worry they will drop down when you play them.
Made of very soft materials and easy to use! make bed story for your baby more vivid! They will certainly bring more fun and imagination to your lively baby!

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