Blind Bag Treasure hunt, Shopkins, Littlest Pet Shop, Tokidoki, Playmobil, Pirates

Today Mamma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo has been on an amazing adventure. We found a secret treasure map on the attic of Grandmother Kangaroo. And a MAGIC compass, it was just so exciting. We followed the treasure map to a deserted island in the Caribbean, and the magic compass showed us the spot where a coin marked the secret treassure. After a lot of digging we found the amazing treasure chest FULL OF BLIND BAGS. Ohh and coins and diamonds. But hey the most exciting was surely the Blind Bags. You will not believe the amazing secret ultra rare Shopkins we found. Or the amazing Tokidoki from Japan. Not to mention the Playmobil blind bags. Or the amazing colection of Littlest Petshop. Come on the adventure with Mamma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo, and help us discover the amazing treasure.

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What we found
Shopkins Season 2
Littlest Petshop
Little Petshop
Playmobil Blind Bag
Tokidoki Latte

Playmobil Girls Figures Blind Bag

These Playmobil blind bag figures offer the fun of Playmobil and the excitement of a lucky dip. Which figure and accessories will you receive? There’s plenty to collect and play with alone or with other Playmobil sets.

Collect, assemble and mix together.

Includes 1 figure and accessories.

12 characters for boys to collect.

12 characters for girls to collect.

Compatible with all Playmobil sets.

Playmobil 5120 Country Farmhouse

The Playmobil Farmhouse is furnished with an eat-in kitchen and bedroom, so after a hard day the vegetables and apples can be harvested. A small animal enclosure and small lake are also included.

Experience life on the farm by spending time in the Farm House with Market
Kids can help at the farm market during the day
Features a fully-furnished kitchen and bedroom with table, chair, counter, sink, lamp and more
Encourages children to explore and learn while having fun
Set also includes 2 figures, a rose trellis, ladder, chalkboard, pond, animals and additional accessories