Octonauts Claw and Drill GUP-D Playset By Fisher-Price

We got the coolest Octonauts toy today to review, this play set from Fisher Price comes with a lot of cool accessories, and the absolute coolest part of it, is thats you can play with it in water WOW so amazing. If you love Octonauts then you gotta check out this toy, it from the Octonauts cartoon and comes with Gup-D so awesommmeee.

Octonauts Gup E With Peso Water Toy & And Playing – Octonauts Unboxing

The new Octonauts Gup E toy is just so much fun, we show you what it can do in water after we unbox it and reveal Peso the super cool character that comes with this Octonauts toy. It can really be used in water, and its just such a cool review of a Octonauts toy, you will love this Peso figure and Octonauts toy review, from the cartoon series about the wonderful Octonauts world.

Octonauts Gup B Playset – Octonauts Kwazii Saves Queen Elsa from Frozen

Do you like Octonauts as much as Mamma Kangaroo ?, we have the Octonauts Kwazii Gup B, and of course the shark. Pack up Kwazii from Octonauts in his Gup B and get ready to use the rescue rope to save the Shark. And the shark can even change colours. Kwazii saves Queen Else from Frozen. Octonauts To the rescue with Mamma Kangaroo Play-doh Videos toys.

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Toy information:
Open the dome and put Kwazii into his favorite undersea vehicle
Includes a Kwazii figure and color change shark
Push the shark fin to see the vehicle’s jaws open and close
Shark’s stripes change color in warm water
Recreate adventures from the show or create new ones for more Octonauts fun