Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Pony Cart, Minnie & Pony Shares Bows ! Disney Toys Review

Minnie mouse and her ultra cute Pony takes a ride in Minnie Mouse from Disney’s cart. Mickey Mouse is not there, but this Disney toy is just to cute. The Pony and Minnie Mouse shares the bow. Mamma Kangaroo loves Disney Toys, and we love to review Disney Toys. The Minnie Pony cart is coloured in Polka Dots. How adorable is this Disney Minnie Toy.

Minnie Mouse Birthday, Mickey, Donald, Pluto every one attends !

We are making some wonderful sand cakes for Minnie for her birthday. Help us celebrate her Birthday together with Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and everyone else. Don’t miss this amazing Birthday Party.