These 5 My Little Pony Play-Doh Videos Are The Perfect For Your Child

If you’re like me, you’ve got a little die hard My Little Pony fan just itching to get her hands on any one of the Play-doh My Little Pony Make N Style Ponies sets available on Since Friendship is magic came out, there have been a number of variations of the My Little Pony toys, none as exciting as the Play-doh sets in my opinion.

Let’s be honest, not only is play-doh pretty awesome, the ability to mold and make your favorite MLP character down to the twinkle in the eye is something that not only kids will appreciate, but many adults whose inner child still loves to play with colorful play-doh.

Despite all the manuals, molds and extra tricks that come standard in the box along with the My Little Pony play-doh sets, getting down to the making is not always so easy. In fact, your little one might just need a little bit of help with the tricky bits (like the hair, and the wings). There are tons of great, easy-to-follow videos on Youtube which cover all the basics and are perfect for your little one.

  1. Mamma Kangaroo Play-doh has a great video that covers everything from start to finish. In this video, she unpacks the box and explains each item as she goes along. She then moves on to the molding and shows exactly how to make use of the My Little Pony play-doh molds included in the box.
  1. Sweet Treats Playdough and Ponies also have a great set of videos from number 1 – 5 to show your little one the full range of Ponies that can be molded. These videos are excellent and will give a young perfectionist all the tips and tricks to get the finished My Little Ponies looking just like they do on the show. Possibly the best thing about this channel’s videos is that they show how to mold the eyes and the smaller bits and pieces in such a way that these pieces look like they’re part of the Pony and not like they’ve just been stuck on. It’s a great video definitely worth the watch.
  1. RoziBerry also has a cute video in which she shows just how to style your favorite My Little Pony character. She’s got great free-hand play-doh styling skills and doesn’t talk much through her videos. If your child finds the constant talking in some videos distracting she will definitely prefer this video.
  1. B2cuteCupcakes has a sweet video in which she talks the viewer through the whole process of making some My Little Pony friends.
  1. Lastly, Awesome Disney Toys has also made a talk walk-through video that’ll take your little one through her MLP pony making experience with ease.

Our suggestion is to definitely check out RoziBerry and Sweet Treats Playdough and Ponies videos. They each have more than one video and cover all the different ponies. They’re super creative in their approach to the molding process and have great looking end-products.

Let your little one’s imagination run wild and encourage her, or him, to get creative with the colors. Don’t forget, friendship is magic so get your little one to invite a friend and make a whole My Little Pony day out of it.

KONGSUNI & Seyo Doll Korea YoungToys in English, [영실업] 콩순이 영어 인형 검토 언 박싱

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Today we got this awesome Play-Doh Play set with My little pony, so we can make their very own awesome Cutie Marks.
First we unbox this amazing Play Dough set and then we make the cutest amazing cutie marks. Can you guess which one belongs to what MLP ?
We just My Little Pony and Play-Doh.

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Accessories are also a charm for the bracelet.
Play set also features a built-in mirror for you
The accessories are also charms for the bracelets
Includes: 1 Compact Play Set, Olivia Figure, Bracelet, Accessory Charms

Product Description
Now everyday is an opportunity to try something new! You’ll have plenty of fun on-the-go when you open this carry case to find Oliva in a Restaurant or Carnival. It even comes with accessories that double as charms for your bracelet! Use the built in mirror to try on your bracelet and see how it looks! Go on an adventure with Olivia no matter where you are with the Fancy Restaurant Play Set!

From the Manufacturer
Now everyday is an opportunity to try something new. You’ll have plenty of fun on-the-go when you open this carry case to find Oliva in a Restaurant or Carnival. It even comes with accessories that double as charms for your bracelet. Use the built in mirror to try on your bracelet and see how it looks. Go on an adventure with Olivia no matter where you are with the Fancy Restaurant Play Set.

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Get a mystery pony figure. Which ones will you get? We have no idea – pick one up, and be surprised! Each bag contains a pony figure and collector card.

Get a surprise mini-pony with this Surprise Bag! Each bag includes 1 mini-pony and there are 24 for you to add to your collection (each sold separately). My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Purchaser will receive 1 full box, as issued by Hasbro. Each box usually contains a complete set of 24 figures. Purchase of case pack does not guarantee all 24 unique figures.

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