Peppa Pig: The Tooth Fairy, Peppa Looses a Tooth & The Tooth Fairy Visits !

Today we read about Peppa Pig and the Tooth Fairy, in this Peppa Pig book Peppa has lost a tooth, when she puts it under her bed she just has to wait for the Tooth Fairy to come and exchange the Tooth with a Coin. But the big question is can Peppa stay awake ?. And can George ?. Its a super exciting book, that we are even more excited to read for you in Mamma Kangaroo Story Time.

Tamagotchi Friends Review, Digital Friend, Virtual Friend, Tamagotchi Pet Unboxing

We got the amazing Tamagotchi Friends edition to review and unbox, its a brand new version of the classic Tamagotchi but it has a NFC (Near Field Communicator), so that means you can communicate with other Tamagotchi Friends by bumping the devices together. First I unbox the Tamagotchi Friends, and then I show quickly how it works. For a more in debt review stay tuned and subscribe to Mamma Kangaroo. We post a new video every day.

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Shopkins Shoppies Season 1 Single Pack Popette – Shopkins Friends Doll Unboxing Toy Review

Mamma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo got their hands on this amazing new Shopkins Doll Popette. She loves the movies and she loves Popcorn.

The Shopkins Shoppies love to play with their Shopkins friends. Comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins
Unlock your Shoppies online by downloading the Shopkins App and enter the unique code from the VIP card that comes in the pack.

Lights! Camera! Shopping! Popette loves to act! Movies are this girl’s life. She’s always popping up when you least expect her and asking her friends out to see the latest release! This highly excitable girl is the loudest and most talkative. Her friends are always telling her to “keep a lid on it!” She’s a “reel” attention getter! She loves having a movie marathon when her friends sleep over! Corny jokes are always popping into her head and she likes to butter up to her friends so she can get her way.

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Shopkins Fashion Spree Pack – Cool Casual Collection – Toys Unboxing – Mamma Kangaroo

We got the awesome Shopkins Fashion Spree Cool Casual Collection today, and its just so much fun.

Get ready to glam up! It’s time for a Fashion Spree! Step in and see what’s in store. Designer shoes for you to choose. New seasons styles to make you smile!
There’s so much more to adore when you’re on a Shopkins Fashion Spree.
– Because once you shop you can’t stop!

Some fab little friends are getting ready for a girl’s night out! Pull up a cute chair in front of the dazzling dresser and have some fashion fun, as these Shopkins get ready to hit the town. Screaming style from head to toe, these girls are dressed to show! This stunning collection comes with 8 exclusive Shopkins to dress up your collection!