Learn names of desserts candy ice cream with toy velcro food learn english food names kids

Today is a very sweet day we are gonna learn all about names of foods words in english for kids, using all the sweetest yummy things such as candy, bakery desserts items, and ice cream. We are going to learn the english food names for kids with ice cream carts and fun bakery foods. Learning elish food words can be so much fun with ice pop and popsicles in toy velcro food. Learn colours and have fun with Mamma Kangaroo and toy food with desserts and fun foods all while your child is learning colours and english food names with desserts.

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Sara Eating Jelly Beans, M&M’s , Play-Doh & Gummy Sharks

Ever wondered what will happen if you feed a Baby Alive from Hasbro with something other than the supplied Play-doh goodies ?. Mamma Kangaroo is not shy to show you. I’ll feed Snackin Sara M&M’s haha yuck, imagine when it comes out as “poop”, and also Play-doh in different shapes. But I also want to see what happens when she eats Jelly Beans and Gummy Sharks. Its just gonna be so much fun.

Beanboozled Challenge from the Jelly Belly Candy Company

Mamma and Baby Kangaroo is trying out some nasty Beanboozle Jelly Beans. Who will get the nasty flavour ?

Every bean could be either super tasty or wildly wacky.

BeanBoozled is the Russian Roulette of candy games. Each box is filled with both delicious and strange flavors. The catch is that you cannot tell what you’re going to get until you eat it!

There are ten differently styled Jelly Belly Jelly Beans in each box. Each style has both a tasty flavor and a downright strange flavor. For example, you’ll never know if you’re going to get caramel corn or moldy cheese; licorice or skunk spray; coconut or baby wipes.

Each box includes approximately 90 beans as well as a spinner wheel for determining which style of bean to try next. Made in the USA. Refill bags are also available.

10 weird flavors with 10 look-alike tasty flavors
Box contains 85-90 jelly beans (3.5 oz)
Refill contains 45-50 jelly beans (1.9 oz)
Box includes spinner wheel
Made in a peanut-free factory
Made in the USA

Pinypon Toys

Watch Mamma and Baby Kangaroo play with these two awesome Pinypon’s they are just so fun to play with. And their heads have two sides. So you can chose the moods. They have awesome accessories to play with. And they all fit with the different Pinypon so they can mix and match them.

Welcome to the world of Pinypon, a mini-dolls world inhabited by independent and modern girls, who love fashion and clothes, animals and nature. Collect and create endless characters! Pinypon…a colorful collection of amazing interchangeable friends! You can swap everything! Pinypon dresses, accessories, hairstyles and even faces! Check out these cool & stylish Pinypon friends to collect!