Queen Elsa from Frozen Visits Disney Princess Belle’s Castle, Meet Her Palace Pet Summer

Come join Queen Elsa from Frozen when she visits the Royal Palace of Disney Princess Belle. They have wonderful tea, and then Elsa Gets to try Belle’s Bed. They also take a awesome swing on Belle’s Wonderful Palace Swing. The Palace Pet Summer also joins the fun.

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New Years Fireworks for Disney Princesses Elsa and Belle With Play-Doh

Mamma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo wishes you a fantastic New Year full of fun and toys. We have Bella and Elsa from the Disney Movies have a wondering fireworks parade. Together with Play-Doh

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Opening Surprise Gifts, With Shopkins, Palace Pets, Disney Princesses, Barbie, Candy Lollipop

Mamma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo is having a party, and you are all invited. We got 3 presents, and a Shopkins Surprise. You won’t believe what the presents are. And what special Shopkin we get (ULTRA RARE). This video has it all, Palace pets, Disney Princesses and super awesome gifts with amazing toys. Special appearance from Princess Barbie.

Play-Doh Disney Prettiest Princess Castle Playset, Belle

Come Play with Mamma Kangaroo and this awesome Disney Princesses Play-Doh set.
Give your favorite Disney princesses a “magical” makeover with the Play-Doh Disney Prettiest Princess Castle Playset! Dress up the Aurora, Belle and Cinderella princess figures with the beautiful pretend slippers, roses, tiaras, and other accessories you’ll make out of the 6 colors of Play-Doh modeling compound! When you put a princess figure in one of the castle’s book molds and add Play-Doh modeling compound, she comes out with a dress and accessories you’ve created. One of the cans contains sparkle compound, so you can give Cinderella’s tiara or Belle’s gown a special sparkly beauty! Make your lovely princesses their loveliest with the Prettiest Princess Castle set!

The Play-Doh Disney Prettiest Princess Castle Playset features:
6 cans of PLAY-DOH modeling compound!
1 can of sparkle compound!
Each princess figure fits inside one of the book molds.
Create accessories like glass slippers and roses!
Open the castle to create a ballroom scene!
Press out Rapunzel’s hair.
Make the Prince with the drawbridge mold.
Shape pretend stained glass.
Create princess friends with the molds on the base of each figure.

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Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Belle Doll

This exciting Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Belle wears a festive dress in her iconic colors and comes ready to play with story and party-themed accessories.
You can also extend your real play into the digital world! Once you download the free Disney Princess Royal Celebrations app on the App Store, you can then scan the special key that is found on your royal invitation to unlock Premium Content for Belle’s Tea Party, including her beautiful Celebration dress and invitation stamps. All Premium Content is also available separately as an in-app purchase.
If you have already purchased or unlocked the Premium Content, your key will not unlock any other content and may not be redeemed for any other value.
The Royal Celebrations Princess Dolls are your child’s royal invitation to fun! (Each sold separately).
Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Princess Dolls extend playtime into the digital world!
Comes with a special key to unlock Premium Content in the new Disney Princess Royal Celebrations app.
Download the app and scan the illustrated key on the invite to unlock the Premium Content for your magical party! (All Premium Content is also available separately as an in-app purchase. If you have already purchased or unlocked the Premium Content, your key will not unlock any other content and may not be redeemed for any other value.)
Belle doll wears a beautiful, festive dress in her iconic colors, and the associated avatar in the Disney Princess Royal Celebrations app will also adorn a look-alike dress once the Premium Content is purchased or unlocked!
Also comes with fun invite plus party and story-themed accessories that become stamps within the app that you can decorate your digital invitation with!
Assortment features Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Belle, Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Ariel, and Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Rapunzel (each sold separately).