Anna, Elsa & Barbie Shops at Anpanman Uncle Jams Bakery – Mamma Kangaroo

Come join Anna and Elsa from Frozen, as they shop together with Barbie at Anpanman’s Uncle Jams Bakery shop. Its so super cool you cannot believe what they order. Come watch Barbie shop for bread, Elsa for Coffee, and Anna for Sandwiches. So cute and awesome.

Bubble Guppies takes a Bubble Bath with My Little Pony and Barbie Mermaid

Come to a fantastical world with Mamma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo. Today we take the Bubble Guppies for a swim, together with their good friend My Little Pony and Mermaid Barbie.

Do you want to join ? Come splash in the bath with us.

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Barbie Camping Trip with MLP (My Little Pony) Applejack – Mattel Barbie Doll

Come join Mamma and Baby Kangaroo together with Barbie and Applejack from MLP on an amazing adventure. We got this new awesome camping play-set to unbox. And you simply cannot believe how much fun we have with it.

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Opening Surprise Gifts, With Shopkins, Palace Pets, Disney Princesses, Barbie, Candy Lollipop

Mamma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo is having a party, and you are all invited. We got 3 presents, and a Shopkins Surprise. You won’t believe what the presents are. And what special Shopkin we get (ULTRA RARE). This video has it all, Palace pets, Disney Princesses and super awesome gifts with amazing toys. Special appearance from Princess Barbie.

Barbie Con Su Perrito – En Español

Mira mamá canguro jugar con Barbie y su perrito lindo.

Mejor accesorio de la muñeca Barbie es su mejor amigo, un caniche blanco adorable
Los dos están todos vestidos y bonito en rosa!
Muñeca Barbie brilla con un vestido multicolor de color rosa con un corpiño metálico
Una diadema rosa, zapatos de pulsera y de tiras completar el look
Incorporándose a saludar, el cachorro es igualmente bastante en rosa con un hermoso detalle de corazón en su oreja

De Wikipedia: Barbie es una marca de muñecas fabricada por la empresa estadounidense de juguetes Mattel, Inc. y lanzada en marzo de 1959. Ruth Handler es una empresaria estadounidense que se le atribuye la creación de la muñeca cuando usó una muñeca alemana llamada Bild Lilli como su inspiración.

Barbie es la imagen principal de una marca de muñecas y accesorios de Mattel incluyendo otros miembros de su familia y muñecas de colección. Barbie ha sido importante dentro del mercado de los juguetes desde hace más de cincuenta años y ha sido objeto de numerosas controversias y demandas a menudo con la parodia de la muñeca y su estilo de vida.

A pesar de que Barbie ha sido considerada desde hace años como la muñeca más famosa, en la pasada campaña de venta de juguetes de Navidad (2014-2015), las muñecas de la película de animación de Disney Enterprises, Inc. “Frozen (película de 2013)” vencieron a Barbie en cuanto a popularidad. Aún así, la empresa Mattel no perdió beneficios ya que poseen los derechos de venta de dichas muñecas.

Barbie Style Flats to Heels

Rooted eyelashes are eye-catching, hairstyles are fab and — for the first time ever — the Style™ dolls have an articulated ankle, which means they can wear glam high heels or cute flat shoes!
To let girls take advantage of the new feature right away, these dolls come with one pair of each — one pair of heels and another of flats! Choose from Barbie® (two different outfits), Raquelle® and Teresa® dolls in fashions so fabulous and on trend you’ll wish they came in your size.
Modern silhouettes, trendy prints and deluxe fabrics make for a fashion blogger’s dream come true. Barbie’s look is completed with a rock star jacket and cute little purse.
Mix and match among the friends and fashions (sold separately) to create a flawless look – just like in real life.
Includes doll wearing fashion and accessories, plus an additional pair of shoes.
Barbie wears fabulous fashions and comes with lots of luxe accessories.
An articulated ankle means she can wear fabulous high heels or adorable flats — a pair of each is included!
Rooted eyelashes are eye-catching.
Full articulation allows for endless modeling poses.
Mix and match among the Barbie Style™ friends and fashions (sold separately).

Age Grade: 5+

Fashion Fanatics

Ready! Trendset! Go! Barbie® doll and her FAB friends are looking amazing in this season’s most on-trend looks. Just as if they were ripped from the fashion pages of a magazine, these layered outfits, modern pieces and luxe details are fierce! And with rooted eyelashes and full articulation, Barbie® doll can strike awesome poses.

For the first time the Barbie dolls can wear shoes.

Barbie Style in Russian is: Барби Стиль
Barbie Style in Korean is: 바비 스타일
Barbie Style in Chinese is: 芭比风格