Disney Frozen Toy Elsa Doll Visit Nancy’s Closet, Surprise Guest Baby Alive Doll

We are playing and unboxing the wonderful play set Nancy’s closet, its full of amazing stuff like dresses and shoes. And even has a drawer for your mobile phone pretend. We got two super surprise guests, one is Disney Frozen Elsa Play doll that comes to try on some clothes. And the other one is the one and only BABY ALIVE that also comes to try some of Nancy’s stuff.

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Sara Eating Jelly Beans, M&M’s , Play-Doh & Gummy Sharks

Ever wondered what will happen if you feed a Baby Alive from Hasbro with something other than the supplied Play-doh goodies ?. Mamma Kangaroo is not shy to show you. I’ll feed Snackin Sara M&M’s haha yuck, imagine when it comes out as “poop”, and also Play-doh in different shapes. But I also want to see what happens when she eats Jelly Beans and Gummy Sharks. Its just gonna be so much fun.

Sara Comiditas Divertidas Baby Alive Super Snacks Morena Muñeca en Español

¡La niñas pueden experimentar el amor y la diversión de los bebés de verdad con la muñeca Sara Comiditas Divertidas! Es una tierna muñeca que necesita a tu hija para que le haga sabrosas comiditas. Ayúdala a usar la comida de muñeca reutilizable y las herramientas para moldear, así podrá alimentar a su muñeca Sara Comiditas Divertidas con distintos platos. Y después, ¡es hora de cambiarla! La muñeca dice cuándo tiene hambre, sueño o está llena con frases como “”Mami, ¡comiditas, por favor!””. ¡Adorarás ver cómo tu niña aprende a ser mamá con la muñeca Sara Comiditas Divertidas!

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Sara Doll Brunette – Hasbro Toys For Girls – Poops Play-doh

Mamma Kangaroo and Baby Kangaroo got their hands on this amazing BABY ALIVE doll, called super snackin’ Sara. We got the brunette doll version. And its just so amazingly cute. This doll is extra amazing because you can feed it the snacks that comes with the doll play set for girls. ITS JUST SO CUTE, and then she poops yuck haha but so much fun. You have to come see Snacking Brunette Baby Alive from Hasbro. And it Poops Play-Doh !!