Our Mission

We are integrating our efforts on the responsibility agenda in our everyday work with focus on how and why we love making reviews and other videos related to toys and children. Additionally, we are continuously seeking to improve our positive impact, which is the reason we are monitoring our progress actively in a range of significant and clearly defined areas of responsibility. For Mamma Kangaroo, our objective is to make positive impact in the world that our kids will inherit. Kids are our role models, and they are inspiring us to be the best that we can be. The world change for a child every time there is a toy that they will be able to try, and its that which inspires us to promote fun, creative, and high quality play experiences in a safe and healthy world.

Our dedication and desire to support kids was derived from the Mamma Kangaroo heritage, and serves as the foundation of our promise to the planet, it is rooted deeply in our culture. We dedicated our commitment to the society entirely to do our part of addressing the challenges in the present days to create a better future. We want the children to have their play experience be built on the idea of creativity which is why we are making video about unique and new toys in the industry with you and your kids’ favorite characters and toys including Baby Alive, Minions, Peppa Pig, Play Doh, Hello Kitty, and Disney Princesses. Also included are My Littly Pony, Kinder Surprise Eggs, Littlest Pets, Doc McStuffins, Giant Orbeez, Shrek, Cars, Lalaloopsy, Japanese candy kit, Sofia the First, Spongebob, Candy reviews, and so much more.

We believe that play is significant for the development of children because it will stimulate their learning capabilities by fostering creativity. Creativity is sparking curiosity, supporting critical thinking, and facilitating their learnings through educational toys, which is why our channel is supporting the notion that kids need to have access to be able to play. We wanted to contribute to the development of children through learning and play with so many kinds of toys that you can find in our channel. We want to inspire kids and parents and help to develop the builders of the future and provide unique play experience to all children across the globe.

The important thing about toys is that they are not only making your children happy, but they are also stimulating their imagination and that’s one of the main reasons why we just love toys. Imagination is an essential part of the human’s process of growing and learning. To be able to imagine and dream things that are not real are one of the primary things that is stimulating your childs imagination. While a rock or a stick may become anything with a great imagination, modern toys replicating everything from phones, computers up to kitchens allow children to play out their fantasies and exercise their creativity. And thus making them ready for what the future will bring.

The Mamma Kangaroo promise is that we aim to provide quality and unique toy videos for children to stimulate their imagination.