Littlest Pet Shop Pet-acular Fun Room Style Set – Toy Review and Unboxing

Mamma Kangaroo loves Littlest Petshop do you ?

Build a fun room with the easy-glide panels in the Pet-acular Fun Room set
Includes stickers and Deco Bits accessories to accessorize your room
Includes Hamilton Rumble and Chomper McConnell pets
Tunnel, exercise ball and other fun accessories
Pack includes unassembled style set, 2 pets, Deco Bits, stickers and instructions

Littlest Pet Shop Pet-acular Fun Room Style Set
Design your LPS world your way! The Pet-acular Fun Room Style Set comes with more than 35 pieces that let you design your world any way you want! Pieces include customizable wall panels, reversible scene backdrop, stickers, accessories, and Deco Bits pieces: unique plug-in pieces that add color and glam to your sets and your pets! Set also includes two adorable small pets, Chomper McConnell and Hamilton Rumble (hamsters).

All Style Sets are inspired by iconic locations from the Littlest Pet Shop animated TV show. They are totally stackable, vertically or horizontally, so you can build your world in any direction!

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