The Night Pirates: Pop-Up Adventure by Peter Harris

All aboard for a POP-UP adventure with Mamma Kangaroo

One night, young Tom is awoken by noises outside his house. He peeps out of the window and what should he see but pirates. And stranger still—they’re girl pirates stealing the front of his house! Tom joins their pirate adventure across the high seas to an island where some rather lazy and silly grown-up pirates are guarding their treasure, but not very successfully. Tom and the girl pirates make a surprise attack and are soon off on the seas once more with the treasure!

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-Grade 2–A group of rough, tough girl pirates sneaks over to Toms house to steal the front of his house to disguise their ship. When Tom hears them, he asks to join them, and they agree. Then its off to steal a treasure that belongs to adult pirates, and they are so befuddled by the ships house front that they give it up easily. This leads to victory and a good nights sleep for Tom. Harriss soothing text has a storytellers rhythm built in. The rhyming couplets are interspersed with questions that lead to the next section of the tale, clarifying and expanding it. The text is written in a rolling font that adds to the movement of the pirate ship. Allwrights illustrations are moody and midnight-colored with some collages added in. Their texture, made of maps and graph paper among other items, adds to the mystery of the adventures. The storys touch of the ridiculous will appeal to young listeners, especially surrounding the adult pirates. This tale would be terrific at a pajama storytime, and its pirate theme will satisfy many young girls and boys.

A little boy named Tom lies in his bed as shadows form in the moonlight outside his window. He doesn’t know what to make of them and fears the worst until he discovers that he’s being recruited by girl pirates. Tom joins the crew and off they sail in their house/ship to an island, scaring off a band of grown-up pirates before making a quick voyage home. The simple, rhythmic story is enhanced by Allwright’s exuberant illustrations. Working in a combination of paint and collage, she sets her cartoonish characters jauntily against the striking blue backgrounds of a night sky. Children will delight in her use of unusual angles and the sheer energy of each double-page spread. Young fashionistas, for instance, will be amused by the extravagant hat worn by the captain of the girl pirates. A sure bet for bedtime, but suggest this for daytime sharing, too. Todd Morning

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