Play-Doh Disney Princess Rapunzel’s Tower, Dress Maker

Rapunzel’s Garden Tower playset lets you decorate the tower and
Decorate the Rapunzel figure’s ball gown with Play-Doh Plus Sparkle Make long hair with the extruder
Includes tower, textured roller, doll top, gown attachment, braid roller attachment, playmat and 3 cans of Play-Doh Sparkle Compound

Play-Doh Rapunzel’s Garden Tower Playset Featuring Disney Princess
You are cordially invited to a royal garden party at Rapunzel’s Garden Tower! Let your imagination sparkle as you help her get ready for your guests. Use super sparkly Play-Doh compound to roll out her braids, decorate her gown, and create her friends for fairy-tale fun with a Play-Doh twist!

Make Your Fairy Tale Sparkle
How long can you make her hair grow? This Rapunzel figure features an interchangeable gown with a removable roller attachment to create the longest braids you can imagine. Remove the roller to stand her on top of the tower and let down her hair. You can also fill in the slots on her gown and the tower with Play-Doh compound to decorate them. Open the tower to create her friends and other fun shapes with the half-molds. Get creative and tell your own Rapunzel story!

Create Your Own Princess World
Have a royal party with the Play-Doh Mix ‘n Match collection of castle playsets. With the playmat included in the Rapunzel’s Garden Tower playset, you can create your own Play-Doh world of colorful fashion and fun. Stack the tower top roller on your Play-Doh cans to make your own tower on the mat. The mat also features a special place for each Mix ‘n Match palace for imaginative play and display fun. Collect them all to build your own magical scene with your favorite Disney Princess characters! Playsets each sold separately. Subject to availability.

3 Cans of Super Sparkly Play-Doh Compound

Collect the Mix ‘n Match Figures
Play-Doh playsets with Mix ‘n Match figures featuring Disney Princess characters let you tell your favorite stories with your own imagination. Each figure has an interchangeable gown that features a classic Play-Doh tool such as a stamper, roller, or extruder. Collect them all and swap their gowns for more creative fun! Dolls each sold separately or as part of playset. Subject to availability.

Tower, textured roller, doll top, gown attachment, braid roller attachment, playmat, and 3 cans of Play-Doh Sparkle compound.

Create a royal scene with the tower playset and included playmat. 3 cans of super sparkly Play-Doh compound. Roll long braids for Rapunzel with her gown attachment. Decorate the tower and her gown by filling in the slots with compound. Tower opens to reveal half-molds for more creative fun.

Like a cake or a cookie, anyone can create and keep recreating wonderful designs that sweets can offer. Great thing about Play-Doh is that you only keep on redecorating without actually gaining all the calories. Well, this time for being a Princess, creating numerous Ball Gowns and Evening Dresses is a dream comes true without spending for numerous clothes and threads.

Design-a-Dress Boutique by Play-Doh lets kids continuously make Belle and Rapunzel’s dresses. Through the use of 3 modelling compound of yellow, pink and purple, girls can create beautiful long gowns and embellished them using another pink Play-Doh Plus compound for creating ruffles and ribbons.

This play set goes well with Play-Doh Disney Prettiest Princess Spin N Style Cinderella and Play-Doh Disney Princess Ariel’s Vanity Set. But if you want a bigger play set with four princesses then it is advised to get the Design-A-Dress Boutique with Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

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