One Ted Falls Out Of Bed

Mamma Kangaroo Story Time Presents: One Ted Falls Out Of Bed

From Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo.

Delightful illustrations throughout, from Anna Currey, further enhanced by meaningful facial expressions.

From the back cover:

‘One ted falls out of bed.
How will he ever get back in?
Count with Ted from one to ten as he goes on an amazing night-time adventure.’

Examples of text:

‘One ted falls out of bed.
He tugs and pulls the bedclothes BUT..Two eyes are tight shut.
He jumps and shouts and makes a fuss,
Till three mice say, “Play with us!”…’

Oh dear – Ted is out of bed, and his owner is too fast asleep to notice…but Ted finds himself taken on a great adventure as the pages count up to ten, and back again!
And… all is well that ends well, as Ted is back where he started, too!

Author: Mammakagaroo

40 something mom of two amazing children, I simply love toys & Children's Books.

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