Lego Friends Heathlake City Pool 41008

The summer fun never ends at the Heartlake City Pool!

The Heartlake City Pool is the hottest spot to spend a long summer day in the sun. Put on your swim shorts in the double-door changing room and rinse off in the shower before you head to the big blue pool to hang out with Andrea and her friend Isabella. Climb the ladder up to the spiral pink water slide or diving board to make a splash! Play basketball in the pool or go grab an ice cream cone at the snack bar with a cool umbrella table and chairs. Then wind down on the lounge chairs or soak in the bubbly hot tub. Lots of realistic accessories include: shady palm tree leaves, an ice cream cone, money, a cash register and drinks. End a perfect day at Heartlake City Pool by splashing around under the waterfall. Includes Andrea and Isabella mini-doll figures.

•Includes Andrea and Isabella mini-doll figures•Features pool, diving board, hot tub, water slide, waterfall, changing room and toilet with opening double doors, shower, 2 lounge chairs, speakers, shady palm tree leaves, basketball hoop, ball, snack bar, café table with umbrella and chairs•Accessories include ice cream cone, drinks, cash register, money, basketball that fits into the basket, bow and bag•Slide down the water slide!•Rinse off in the outdoor shower with changing room!•Relax in the hot tub!•Have an ice cream cone at the umbrella table!•Order a frosty drink at the snack bar!•Play basketball in the pool!•Relax on the lounge chair!•LEGO® Friends pieces are fully compatible with all LEGO bricks•Collect all of the LEGO Friends sets for a whole world of LEGO Friends fun!•LEGO mini-dolls are LEGO figures made especially for the world of LEGO Friends that can be customized and combined in thousands of ways•Measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 7″ (18cm) wide and 13″ (35cm) long

Playmobil 5120 Country Farmhouse

The Playmobil Farmhouse is furnished with an eat-in kitchen and bedroom, so after a hard day the vegetables and apples can be harvested. A small animal enclosure and small lake are also included.

Experience life on the farm by spending time in the Farm House with Market
Kids can help at the farm market during the day
Features a fully-furnished kitchen and bedroom with table, chair, counter, sink, lamp and more
Encourages children to explore and learn while having fun
Set also includes 2 figures, a rose trellis, ladder, chalkboard, pond, animals and additional accessories

3 Littlest Pet Shop Blind Bags, and one Surprise Minecraft Box

Mamma Kangaroo and her assistant Baby Kangaroo opens 3 amazing blind bags from Littlest Pet Shop, and you will not believe hot cute the pets we get are. And as an added bonus we also open one Micrecraft blind box. These figures are simply to awesome, we want more now.

Room on the Broom Sound Book

Join the witch and her cat, a dog, a frog and a bird on a NOISY bumpy broomstick ride. The bestselling story from Children’s Laureate, Julia Donaldson, and illustrator Axel Scheffler – now an interactive gift book with 10 amazing, magical sound effects! From the creators of THE GRUFFALO, which has sold over three-and-a-half million copies worldwide.

Bamse og Kylling – In English – Toy from Denmark

Mamma Kangaroo have received this awesome toy from Denmark. Its based on a classic Danish TV series. The review reads.

Of all childrens-shows I’ve ever seen, from all over the world, this is probably the best (non-Henson). The two main characters are Bamse (a yellow bear) and Kylling (a yellow chicken). Over the years other characters have come and gone, like Luna, Ælling (Duckling), Pernille, Aske, etc.. Bamse lives in a very secret little hut out in the woods, where he’s got his easy-chair, a few books, his boots, a plant he likes to water and talk to, a pink skirt, and the little stool he build himself which his guests get the questionable honor of sitting on. For those not from Scandinavia, who probably have never seen this show, all characters are living people, Bamse and Kylling are two (professional) actors dressed in costumes and not puppets or cartoons.

What makes this show so great is that it’s not only for children. No matter how old you are you can watch it, laugh at it, and be dazzled about how these characters reflect everyday real life in their own child-like, naive, and curious way.

Bamse is good at heart, but still he’s somewhat of a possessive jerk. Like “it’s my chair, so you cannot sit in it” or “I found this bike so only I can ride it”, and stuff like that. This usually is at Kylling’s expense because Kylling is the exact opposite. He looks up to Bamse and would gladly share everything with him. One of the best quotes from the show, which describe their relationship the best would probably be this by Bamse: “An agreement is; I say what we do and you say yes” However, Kylling is Bamse’s best friend, even though he sometimes treat Kylling like dirt.

It’s not really an educational show, except for the brief safety-issues like if Bamse is about to hit in a nail with his hammer he would turn to the camera and say: “When hitting in a nail I have to be careful not to hit my paw”, he would giggle, and then hit his own paw. Or when he would climb his ladder, he would make sure the viewers know ladders are dangerous because it’s easy to fall off of them, which he of course ends up doing anyway. Lots of slapstick routines in this show.

You cannot have a childrens-show without songs and music, so of course that’s included as well. Like the bee-buzzing song, the song about being lost in the wilderness, the Yd-Yd song which is my favourite, it’s about the sound Kylling makes when he has found a worm. And of course, the brilliant rain-song.

I would best describe “Bamses Billedbog” as Laurel & Hardy for kids.

Barbie Con Su Perrito – En Español

Mira mamá canguro jugar con Barbie y su perrito lindo.

Mejor accesorio de la muñeca Barbie es su mejor amigo, un caniche blanco adorable
Los dos están todos vestidos y bonito en rosa!
Muñeca Barbie brilla con un vestido multicolor de color rosa con un corpiño metálico
Una diadema rosa, zapatos de pulsera y de tiras completar el look
Incorporándose a saludar, el cachorro es igualmente bastante en rosa con un hermoso detalle de corazón en su oreja

De Wikipedia: Barbie es una marca de muñecas fabricada por la empresa estadounidense de juguetes Mattel, Inc. y lanzada en marzo de 1959. Ruth Handler es una empresaria estadounidense que se le atribuye la creación de la muñeca cuando usó una muñeca alemana llamada Bild Lilli como su inspiración.

Barbie es la imagen principal de una marca de muñecas y accesorios de Mattel incluyendo otros miembros de su familia y muñecas de colección. Barbie ha sido importante dentro del mercado de los juguetes desde hace más de cincuenta años y ha sido objeto de numerosas controversias y demandas a menudo con la parodia de la muñeca y su estilo de vida.

A pesar de que Barbie ha sido considerada desde hace años como la muñeca más famosa, en la pasada campaña de venta de juguetes de Navidad (2014-2015), las muñecas de la película de animación de Disney Enterprises, Inc. “Frozen (película de 2013)” vencieron a Barbie en cuanto a popularidad. Aún así, la empresa Mattel no perdió beneficios ya que poseen los derechos de venta de dichas muñecas.

Minnie Mouse Birthday, Mickey, Donald, Pluto every one attends !

We are making some wonderful sand cakes for Minnie for her birthday. Help us celebrate her Birthday together with Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and everyone else. Don’t miss this amazing Birthday Party.

Minions The Movie Silly TV Steve – Toys

Mega Bloks Minions – Silly TV: When the Minions’ retro TV goes haywire, fixing it is bound to stir up trouble! Build the Silly TV by Mega Bloks Minions and set your buildable Minion Stuart on top to break through the bad reception! Use an umbrella and spatula as an antenna to find a good signal. Try to keep Stuart from falling off as he balances on the swiveling platform, turning this TV repair job into a silly stunt! Ideal for ages 5 and up.

Buildable retro TV set with swiveling platform on top

Buildable Minion Stuart character with interchangeable parts, including overalls, goggles, arms and feet

Umbrella and spatula accessories

Combine with other Mega Bloks Minions playsets to build your own Minion mischief!
Buildable retro TV set with swiveling platform on top
Buildable Minion Stuart character with interchangeable parts, including overalls, goggles, arms and feet
Umbrella and spatula accessories
Combine with other Mega Bloks Minions playsets to build your own Minion mischief!
A great gift for any Despicable Me or Minions fan!

Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Belle Doll

This exciting Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Belle wears a festive dress in her iconic colors and comes ready to play with story and party-themed accessories.
You can also extend your real play into the digital world! Once you download the free Disney Princess Royal Celebrations app on the App Store, you can then scan the special key that is found on your royal invitation to unlock Premium Content for Belle’s Tea Party, including her beautiful Celebration dress and invitation stamps. All Premium Content is also available separately as an in-app purchase.
If you have already purchased or unlocked the Premium Content, your key will not unlock any other content and may not be redeemed for any other value.
The Royal Celebrations Princess Dolls are your child’s royal invitation to fun! (Each sold separately).
Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Princess Dolls extend playtime into the digital world!
Comes with a special key to unlock Premium Content in the new Disney Princess Royal Celebrations app.
Download the app and scan the illustrated key on the invite to unlock the Premium Content for your magical party! (All Premium Content is also available separately as an in-app purchase. If you have already purchased or unlocked the Premium Content, your key will not unlock any other content and may not be redeemed for any other value.)
Belle doll wears a beautiful, festive dress in her iconic colors, and the associated avatar in the Disney Princess Royal Celebrations app will also adorn a look-alike dress once the Premium Content is purchased or unlocked!
Also comes with fun invite plus party and story-themed accessories that become stamps within the app that you can decorate your digital invitation with!
Assortment features Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Belle, Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Ariel, and Disney Princess Royal Celebrations Rapunzel (each sold separately).